South Texas Canteen has a staff of fully trained technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our Call Tracking System, service calls are monitored to insure equipment is functioning properly.

Handheld Devices

All of our route drivers carry handheld computers that track all items purchased. The route driver electronically downloads all sales, inventory and cash accounting data from each vending machine. Using handheld technology allows us to track exact product sales by item, as well as monitor exact collections for each service visit. Knowing item level sales helps us to make sure popular selling items are stocked in each machine.

Credit Card Readers

On select machines we provide customers with convenient and flexible payment options by accepting cash transactions in addition to offering safe and secure debit and credit card readers.

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Many of our vending machines are equipped with Sure-Vend systems. This technology uses a laser which detects whether the vended product has dropped, guaranteeing that our customers either receive their product selected, or the vending machine automatically returns the customer’s money.

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